DP Animation Maker

DP Animation Maker 3.2.9

Powerful, easy-to-use animation software

Powerful, easy-to-use animation software

Animation Maker allows you to create aquarium backgrounds, abstract images, nature scenes, and most anything you can imagine. It has lighting special effects, motion effects, and allows you to add fish, animals, and plants to your image. You can also add weather effects. Animation Maker contains every tool needed to transfer your imagination to the computer screen.

-You get dozens of animated objects. You can add swimming fish, animals, rain, falling snow, plants in motion. It’s all there. -This doesn’t take a lot of your time. You can make an animation in under a minute. -Do you want to create an animation slideshow? You can do that, too. -You can save in multiple formats. -You can use it as your new animation as soon as it’s created. -Animation Maker supports many image formats (jpeg, bmp, tga, etc.). -Instructional references and samples included. -Absolutely everything you need is included.

No special skills or programming knowledge is required to us our software. You don’t need to be a studio artist or graphic designer. You scan or load a photo or animation image onto your computer, choose one of the many effects available to you, add the animation object to create the effect with your image, and then click the mouse.

web designers, artists and all users who need to make an animation, but do not want to learn complex animation software

DP Animation Maker


DP Animation Maker 3.2.9

— User reviews — about DP Animation Maker

  • Meg Agyarko Nyamekye

    by Meg Agyarko Nyamekye

    "i just love it"

    it's cool and i love the animation we can make with it. i think the animation is the best. . More.

    reviewed on June 8, 2017

  • Smokescreen10

    by Smokescreen10


    it is awesome. very good program. very easy to use. thanks. Great!. More.

    reviewed on July 17, 2014